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Complementary Database Links:

OECD Database on Research into Safety of Manufactured Nanomaterials

Human Health and Environmental Safety Research  (Takes you to an off-site page)

A global resource which details research projects that address environmental, human health and safety issues of manufactured nanomaterials. This database helps identify research gaps and assists researchers in future collaborative efforts.

National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health (NIOSH)

Nanoparticle Information Library (NIL)  (Takes you to an off-site page)

The goal is to help occupational health professionals, industrial users, worker groups, and researchers organize and share information on nanomaterials, including their health and safety-associated properties. (Site is still under development)


SAFENANO - Institute of Occupational Health (UK)

Publication Database Search (Takes you to an off-site page)

Searchable database maintained by SAFENANO on reports, journal articles and magazine articles; SAFENANO provides information on nanotechnology health and safety


University of Wisconsin - Madison: Nanoscale Science and Engineering Center

Nanotechnology Risk Resources (Takes you to an off-site page)

Contains references to papers, articles, and books on (or related to) potential health and environmental risks of nanomaterials sorted by material or compound, body organ or biological effect studied, or other miscellaneous issues.

National Reference Center for Bioethics Literature - Georgetown University, Kennedy Institute of Ethics

ETHXWeb Database (takes you to an off-site page)

Provides searches through ETHXWeb Database of journal articles, book chapters, bills, laws, court decisions, reports, books, audiovisuals, and news articles relating to bioethics and professional ethics.

Nanomedicine Research Portal

Nanomedicine Research Portal (Takes you to an off-site page)

A Site maintained by Ion Channel Media which provides information on Recent High Impact Publications in Nanomedicine and Recent Nanomedicine News

Center on Nanotechnology and Society (Chicago-Kent College of Law in the Illinois Institute of Technology)

NELSI Global  (Takes you to an off-site page) 

International public policy document archive dedicated to nanotechnology's ethical, legal and societal implications (NELSI). NELSI Global will serve as a unified clearinghouse, enabling users to identify and access key public policy documents addressing the NELSI agenda.  It will include international and U.S.-specific regulations, legislation, case law, congressional testimony, and key governmental reports.

Additional links will be placed on this page as they come to our attention

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