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Geiser M, Wigge C, Conrad ML, Eigeldinger-Berthou S, Kunzi L, Garn H, Renz H, Mall MA
Nanoparticle uptake by airway phagocytes after fungal spore challenge in murine allergic asthma and chronic bronchitis
BMC Pulmonary Medicine
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Nemmar A, Albarwani S, Beegam S, Yuvaraju P, Yasin J, Attoub S, Ali BH
Amorphous silica nanoparticles impair vascular homeostasis and induce systemic inflammation
International Journal of Nanomedicine
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Musazzi UM, Youm I, Murowchick JB, Ezoulin MJ, Youan BC
Resveratrol-loaded nanocarriers: Formulation, optimization, characterization and in vitro toxicity on cochlear cells
Colloids and Surfaces B: Biointerfaces
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Montiel-Eulefi E, Jara F, Toro C, Garces M, Leal P
Cytotoxic Effect of Double Emulsion (W/O/W) CuSO4 Loaded PLA Nanoparticles on MKN-45 Gastric Adenocarcinoma Cell Line.
International Journal of Morphology
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Losert S, von Goetz N, Bekker C, Fransman W, Wijnhoven SWP, Delmaar C, Hungerbuhler K, Ulrich A
Human Exposure to Conventional and Nanoparticle-Containing Sprays - A Critical Review
Environmental Science & Technology
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Lohcharoenkal W, Wang L, Stueckle TA, Park J, Tse W, Dinu C-Z and Rojanasakul Y
Role of H-Ras/ERK signaling in carbon nanotube-induced neoplastic-like transformation of human mesothelial cells
Frontiers in Physiology
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Lohani A, Verma A, Joshi H, Yadav N, Karki N
Nanotechnology-Based Cosmeceuticals
ISRN Dermatology
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Liu Z, Xiao Y, Chen W, Wang Y, Wang B, Wang G, Xu X, Tang R
Calcium phosphate nanoparticles primarily induce cell necrosis through lysosomal rupture: the origination of material cytotoxicity
Journal of Materials Chemistry B
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Li YZ, Cheng CS, Chen CJ, Li ZL, Lin YT, Chen SE, Huang SY
Functional Annotation of Proteomic Data from Chicken Heterophils and Macrophages Induced by Carbon Nanotube Exposure
International Journal of Molecular Sciences
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Lamberti M, Zappavigna S, Sannolo N, Porto S, Caraglia M
Advantages and risks of nanotechnologies in cancer patients and occupationally exposed workers
Expert Opinion on Drug Delivery
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